2016 – 2017 8th Grade Activities

Important Dates:

    • May 23,   Time TBD: 8th Grade Party
    • May 24 ,  All Day:  Class Trip – Schlitterhahn Galveston
    • May 25,  8:30:  Yearbook Signing Party – Yearbooks will not be available for purchase at the yearbook party.
    • May 25,  9:30:  Brunch
    • May 25,  11:00:  Students bussed to Butler Stadium for Promotion Ceremony

Eligibility to participate in fun 8th grade activities – The 3-2-1 Rule

All 8th graders will discuss the conduct standards required for participation in the end-of-year activities.  Students may not have:

3 School-wide detentions (teacher detentions become school-wide if not served) or
2 In-school suspension incidents or
1 Out-of-school suspension

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your house principal.

Yearbook Signing –

Students will have a chance to sign each other’s yearbooks at a signing party in the MPR.  If your student doesn’t have a yearbook, do not despair.  There will be other ways to sign – e.g. a school banner, signing other student’s t-shirts and address books.  Click here to order a yearbook from Balfour. The deadline to order is May 1, 2017.

Eighth Grade Party –

The PTO hosts a fun party only for 8th graders complete with a DJ, photo booth and other entertaining activities.  It is a special event that the kids love.   See “Student Attire” section below for information on proper dress for this occasion.

Promotion Ceremonies –

Butler Field House, 13755 South Main St. – between Chimney Rock and Hillcroft

Family and friends are cordially invited to join the Pin Oak family for this happy event.  Seating is indoors on backless metal stadium benches and climbing stairs is necessary for access.   Seating is limited.  There will be a minimal number of places available for persons requiring wheelchair assistance or disability seating arrangements.  Due to the length of the event and the limited seating available, young children may find sitting quietly through the entire program quite challenging. We recommend that only the most dedicated members of your extended family attend!

There will be an area where parents can take a photo of their student receiving his/her certificate.  No videotaping is allowed from this location.  Please be aware of every parent’s desire to capture a good picture too.  Professional photography will be taken at the ceremony and information on ordering will be provided in the printed program.

When the ceremony is completed, Students are dismissed for the day.

Student Attire for Promotion:

  • Everyone should be dressed neatly and students should be well groomed.  A school uniform shirt is acceptable.
  • Boys should wear pants and many will wear a dress shirt and a tie.  Jackets are optional.
  • Girls may wear a dress, a skirt and blouse or a nice pants outfit.  The hem of any dress or shirt should conform to the Pin Oak dress code.  A sleeveless top must have shoulder at least a full inch wide at the narrowest point.  No midriffs or backs may be exposed.
  • Students who are not dressed appropriately for promotion will be allowed to view the ceremony but may not be allowed to walk across the stage.

Get VIPS approved

To attend or assist with any promotion events outside of the promotion ceremony, you must be VIPS approved. To become VIPS approved, please contact the Pin Oak front desk. There are still opportunities to volunteer!

For More Information please contact Rebecca Kant.