Your Voice: HISD Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015


This year, Houston Independent School District will once again conduct the Your Voice survey – the largest customer satisfaction survey in our history. The confidential third-party survey will be conducted from May 1-30, 2015, and will help us assess how students, parents, community and educators feel about our efforts to make a difference in the education of Houston’s children.

We want to assure you the survey is completely confidential. To ensure your privacy, RDA, a well-respected marketing and research company, will continue to handle all aspects of the survey process, from creation to collection. Completed surveys will be sent directly back to RDA for analysis.

Parents, teachers and campus administrators will be able to complete and return the anonymous survey from May 1-30. Student surveys will be conducted from May 11-30. I hope that you will take this opportunity to give those of us in central administration more information on ways we can support you, as well as use the survey to help with your own campus improvement planning.

Your voice is important to us and we sincerely hope that you will give us your thoughts. Your honest feedback is deeply appreciated.

Click on the link below to take the survey –