Kids Tri

Join the POMS Triathlon Team and help raise money for our new Track (no need to try out, everyone can join)- Houston Texans Kids Triathlon May 21, 2017 at NRG

The Senior Division ages (11-15) will swim 200M, bike 6 miles and run 1 mile on at their race on Sunday the 21st. We will have team training to prepare your child!

Click this link to register for the race.

Don’t forget to list POMS as your team! Siblings and former students can sign up for our team as well. We will receive $10/participant (as long as we have a minimum of 10) in an educational grant back to our school. We will use $5/participant to help pay for our new track and the other $5/participant will go towards finding a cure for Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN).

Lexi Clark, a POMS 6th grader, has GAN. Her family founded the group Justin’s TRIumph in 2012, which works in partnership with the non-profit Hannah’s Hope Fund, raising money to find a cure for GAN, a rare, fatal genetic disorder. Children with GAN are typically in wheelchairs by age 12. They later become quadriplegics and require the use of feeding tubes and ventilators. Life expectancy for kids with GAN is only into their 20’s.

NOTE: Make sure you email Julie at sandjmalin@hotmail.com to tell her that you have signed your child up for the race as she will be sending out periodic updates about training and race weekend.