Fitness Track

Click here to donate to the POMS Fitness Track.


Help Fund the Fitness Track!
Pin Oak is building a fitness track! The fitness track will allow Pin Oak students easy access to our softball and baseball fields, expand our extra-curricular opportunities, provide community access to a safe fitness track and green space, and support the health and well being of all Pin Oak students and their families.

Last Chance to Purchase Your Paver!

Because of the incredible generosity of the Pin Oak community, we will be finalizing the details for construction of the 1/2 mile concrete fitness track that will encircle the POMS green space and athletic fields in the coming months.

You can still be part of this important project and have your name or personal message engraved in the paver walkway that will connect the existing walkway to the new concrete fitness track.

Whether your child is here for one more year or has just begun the middle school years, please consider making a legacy gift to Pin Oak for the fitness track. Questions? Please contact Julie Malin at

The Pin Oak PTO

Click here to donate to the POMS Fitness Track.
$1000 Gold Level
12” x12” Personalized, Engraved Paver**
VIP seating at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Listing on the PTO website
$500 Silver Level
8”x 8” Personalized, Engraved Brick**
Special seating to Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Listing on the PTO website
$250 Bronze Level
4” x 8” Personalized, Engraved Brick**
Invitation to Ribbon Cutting Ceremony reception
Listing on the PTO website
$100 Hurdle Level
Listing on the PTO website

*Gifts under $100 are welcomed and appreciated.
**After you purchase your brick or paver, you will be contacted about the engraving.

Click here to donate to the POMS Fitness Track.

Thank you to the following families who have already donated to the Fitness Track:

Hurdle Level
The Bernshausen Family
The Choi Family
The Cosgrove Family
The Courtney Family
The Chuo Family
The Droste Family
The Fujiwara-Coffmans
The Gerber Family
The Jan Family
The Mitchell Family
The Nyguyen Family
The Papp Family
The Ratnatungga Family
The Ruiz Family
The Russo Family
The Santos Family

Bronze Level
Family of Victoria Allen
The Basa Family
The Benner Family
Bette Bowers
The Cohen Family
The Davis Family
The Elwood Family
The Eskandari Family
The Eversole Family
Fawaz, Kirsten, Blaine and Bailey Hashmi
Patricia Haule
The Holly Family
The Howard Family
The Kagan Family
The Kopel Family
The Kugler Family
J.R. and Amanda McGee and Family
The McPherson Family
The Mercado Family
The Merriam Family
The Morstead Family
The Murti Family
The Niles-Capuzzo Family
Jennifer Novak and Hunter Traylor
The Organ Family
The Perez Family
The Raguso Family
The Rephlo Family
The Saether Family
The Satgunam Family
The Schwartz Family
The Stuart Family
Texas Dental
The Vanderbloemen Family
The Vestal Family
The Little/Waun Family
The Young Family
The Zemzoum Family

Silver Level
The Barrett Family
The Christin Family
The Fell Family
The Fisher Family
The Forque Family
Dee Dee, Riley and Reid Gilder
The Goodman Family
The Hanks Family
The Katta Family
The Kehn Family
The Needham Family
The Organ Family
The Prince Family
The Reilly Girls
The Rose Family
The Sacks Family
The Tran Family
The Whitehead Family
The Young Family

Gold Level
The Cheng Family
The Courtney Family
The Crider Family
The Lai Family
The Lindquist-Decker Family
The Litton Family
The Madison Family
The Marshall Family
The McClure Family
The Michael Family
Summer, Michael, Emma and Connor Shaw
The Tardy Family
The Tiras Family

Platinum Level
The Flores Family