Flip Flop Fiesta


Couldn’t make it to the Flip Flop Fiesta?  There are still some opportunities to attend Sociables and bid on a few items.

The following Sociables still have (limited) openings:

8A Brunch Bunch
Donated By: 8A Teachers – Mr. Dabbs, Ms. Parker, Ms. Wells, Mr. Johnson

Two winners can invite five (5) of their friends (12 total) for breakfast tacos, donuts, orange juice, and fruit with the 8A teachers during Team Time.

Restrictions: 12 Spots total. During 8A Team Time from 9:45 -10:05 a.m, before the end of the 2017 school year. Location: 8A.
FMV: Priceless
Click here to purchase your spot.

Super 8C Sundae Social
Donated By: 8C Teachers – Ms. Linsley, Ms. Woodward, Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Fong

Lunch boring? Ten (10) lucky winners will create their very own “Super Sundae” with their 8C cluster teachers.

Restrictions: 10 Attendees. Date & time to be determined with the winner. School donation must be completed before the end of the 2017 school year. Location: 8C.
FMV: $10 Per Person
Click here to purchase your spot.


Rule the Gym!
Donated By: PE Teachers – Coaches Butler, Carter, Frazier, Fredericks, Fujiwara

30 lucky students of any grade and house, have the run of the school’s big gym! You play the games, you set the rules – it’s your free time!

Restrictions: 30 Attendees. Monday, May 15th from 3:45 – 5:00 p.m. Location: POMS Gym.
FMV: $30 Per Person
Click here to purchase your spot.

Foreign Language Bash!
Donated By: Language Teachers – Ms. Condron, Ms. Frisch, Ms. Giardina, Ms. Hastings-Velez, Mr. Jones, Ms. Sandberg, Ms. Tomlinson

Get together with friends and your favorite language teachers for a feast and fun. Enjoy world cuisine and a movie. Each winner may bring one (1) friend with them to the sociable.

Restrictions: 6 spots available. Six winners plus one (1) friend per winner. Date, time and location to be determined. Will occur before the end of the 2017 school year.
FMV: $50 Per Person
Click here to purchase your spot.


The Maierson Family
The Decker Family
Big Board 
The Michael Family
Silent Auction 
Beth Wolff Realtors
Auction Catalog and Printing
Houston Orthodontics
Hospitality Room
The Buoncristiano Family
$500 Underwriter- unlimited underwriters!
Generous Underwriting opportunity!
Beebe Family
Duval McCulloch Family
Fisher Family
Traffic Engineers
$100 Underwriter-unlimited underwriters!
Flip Floppin’ Easy Way to Support Your School!
61st Street Fishing Pier and The Banks, Bradley, Eversole, Marshall, Organ, Rentz-Cricks, Shaw, Soeriawinata, Tackett, Vanderbloemen and Woodcox Families

Questions? Contact Meredith Beebe at beebetobey98@mac.com