School Store

The Pin Oak School Store sells a wide variety of school uniforms, supplies, and spirit items. Your purchases directly benefit the school. All store profits are returned to students and the school through student support, teacher support or capital improvements.

The store features new products, seasonal products and just plain fun items throughout the school year.  Come by and get your essential school items and look for those things that will put a smile on your face.

* Pre-ordered uniforms can be picked up at the School Store.
* Uniforms are sold at the School Store throughout the year and Uniform Day after Orientation!
* Hoodies, Polo-Shirts, Fitted Polo-Shirts, and T-Shirts are all available for purchase.
* For information on jackets and skirts, please read down below.

* The School Store carries supplies all year as requested by the teachers.
* We also sell special project supplies.
* Kids love our store!

* We need volunteers to work regular sales shifts.
* It is a fun way to get to know the students and to meet other parents.
* Training is offered.

*We are located in the cafeteria, next to the lunch line near the microwaves.

* Monday-Friday  7:50-8:15AM and during lunch periods. We are not open after school.

If the store is not open during these times, it is because we need your help! The store is run entirely by volunteers, so we have a huge need for help.

The school store accepts cash, checks, and credit cards (AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards only.)

For skirts, please go to Academic Outfitters, 5475 West Loop South #150, Houston, TX 77081, Tel: 713-660-0206,

If you are interested in helping, please email Amy Allen or Peggy Chang.

We look forward to having you join the school store team!